R&A Platforms

At PBA, we seek to develop the Robotics and Automation infrastructure in the region. Let us empower you to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies through our 5 platforms in the areas of Technology, Partnership, Education, Community and Talent.


Our advanced technology incubator, is Singapore’s first robotics and automation accelerator. Its mission is to build capabilities in robotics technologies within Southeast Asia by seeding and growing deep technology start-up companies.

Beyond offering a unique project bank of qualified problem statements for aspiring technology entrepreneurs to build on, our technical and business mentorship includes regional market access and insights to rapidly validate the commercial viability of concepts, manufacturing and design capabilities to bring ideas to life cost efficiently, and support in scaling up a growing technology start-up by connecting it to the right talents, mentors, partners, customers, financiers and funding sources.

Previously known as ANTI, this programme was also an Accredited Mentor Partner (AMP), under the Startup SG Network, guiding incubatees involved in industry 4.0 technologies. The Launchpad Robotics Centre is a project that was developed together with ACE (Action Community for Entrepreneurship), to offer start-ups a conducive workspace to bounce off ideas within the community.


Robotics Automation Centre of Excellence (RACE) – is an independent not-for-profit training academy, powered by PBA Group.

RACE is committed to the education and promotion of robotics, automation and digital manufacturing technologies. It differentiates by directly inducting talents into the deep technology industry through mentorship and applied training drawing on the real-world project experience of its technology partners, so as to prepare talents for careers in involving deep technologies.

To enable this, RACE partners with a valuable network of core technology owners, solution providers, trade associations, government agencies, research communities and academia within and beyond Singapore as part of its wider commitment towards supporting and catering to the broader talent needs of the industry as a whole.

Since its founding in December 2016, RACE has trained over 700 people.


PBA Group maintains a global distribution network, with a strong base in Southeast Asia, that enables us to source for and integrate best-in-class technologies to suit a variety of customer needs. Beyond technical distributorship, we employ these technologies to automate our own manufacturing and warehousing operations while providing support on servicing and maintenance solutions.

PBA also collaborates with a strong network of carefully-curated partners with niche capabilities to deliver on specialised industry-specific automation projects to problems and test cases we collate, qualify and scope. We work with our partners across Southeast Asia, enabling us to augment our technologies across various industries and applications, while providing our partners the opportunity to scale up via our platforms.


As a technology enabler, PBA Group focuses our efforts on building and growing a tech platform for robotics and automation solutions. Our in-house research and manufacturing capabilities allow us to build platforms and machines far more cost effectively, while constantly adapting to the unique needs of our evolving customers at the same time. Our continued commitment in developing technology, which is accessible to all, is seen through the rapid progress we have made in introducing innovative, competitive products and solutions to the market.

A specialist in motion control technology, we are one of the few companies in the world that adopts the overlapping coiling method to create motor coils of higher power density. Our motion control products are used in precision automation equipment and special purpose machines across a variety of industries such as electronics manufacturing and robotics platforms. By automating this complex process to increase yield and quality, we are now the only company in the world to run a smart factory line for this process.

We are also the first in Southeast Asia to manufacture collaborative robot (cobot) arms, catering to the robotics adoption needs in the region. At the same time, we continue to build our expertise in Automated Materials Handling through our proprietary Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR) platform and warehouse automation solutions. These rapid ground up innovations are some of the many highlights defining PBA’s relentless quest towards growing an accessible technology platform.

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